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2018-2019 School Supply List

English Math Social Studies Science
1.5" or 2" Binder with College Ruled Loose Leaf Paper and Dividers 2 Composition Notebooks College Ruled Paper College Ruled Paper
Journal or Composition Notebook Ruler and Protractor Journal Notebook Composition Notebook for Lab Work
2 Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs 3 Prong Folder or 1/2" Binder with Loose Leaf Paper Gluesticks or Glue T130 Calculator
Post-it Notes      
(1) 3" Binder with Dividers may be Substituted for the Individual Binders.
For All Classes Seminar
1 Box of Kleenex for Homeroom
Pencil Sharpener (optional)
Blue or Black Pens
Earbuds (Must be able to use on computers)
Colored Pencils, Crayons or Markers
Data Stick
3 Prong Folder
Certain Books Will be Needed Throughout the School Year for At-Home Reading.
Additional Supplies May be Needed Throughout the School Year for Special Projects.
Registration Fees All Grades
Itemization: Science Lab Fee $10, T-Shirt $10, Activity Fee $10, Campus Activity Fee $40, Technology Maintenance $55
Total Including Technology Fee: $125  Total Without Technology Fee: $70 
Cost of College Textbooks (Pay in the Co-Lin Bookstore) $1-$225
FYI Cost to Repair Computers If Broken $213