Frequently Asked Questions

School Closure FAQs
  1. How long will NASD be closed to students?
    By executive order, Governor Tate Reeves has closed all schools through Friday, April 17. As Mississippi continues to work to decrease the number of people impacted by COVID19, things could change. Any updates will be provided as timely as possible.
  2. What are the instructional expectations of students while the District is closed? NASD will be providing recommendations for instructional tasks and activities that students may work on at home. Some teachers may be communicating with students and families via their social media platforms, School Status, and Google Classroom. We strongly encourage students, families and parents to refer to the NASD website for the most accurate and consistent information.
  3. Will my child be penalized for any activities or assignments that he/she is unable to complete due to a lack of technology or other resources? No. We are fully aware that not all families have access to the same resources at home, and even for those that do, we realize that some resources (such as technology) may not always be reliable. In no way will any student be penalized for circumstances beyond their control.
  4. Are feeding programs available during the District closure?
    Yes. NASD will be offering feeding programs at 9 sites located throughout Adams County. Detailed information is available on the NASD website and our Facebook page.
  5. How does the temporary closure affect my child’s grades? What will
    happen with report cards? This will depend on a variety of factors, including how long the District remains closed. The third nine weeks grades will be updated and available through ActiveParent. More conversations about grades are underway, and as updates/decisions are available, they will be shared with the NASD community.
  6. Will our students have to take state tests this year?
    On March 19, the Mississippi State Board of Education voted to suspend all federal and state assessments for the 2019-2020 school year and to submit a waiver request to the U.S. Department of Education for exemption of those federal requirements.
    a. How does the closure and suspension of state tests impact Seniors or Early Graduates who still need to pass state assessments?
    As the MDE continues to provide guidance, we are awaiting further information and guidance from the MDE and USDOE.
    b. How does the suspension of state tests impact the LBPA and the promotion/retention of 3rd-grade students?
    This is another question that we are awaiting guidance on from the MDE.
  7. How will promotion/retention status be determined for the 2020-2021 year if
    students are at home for an extended period of time? This has not been determined at this time. As updates become available, they will be shared with the NASD community.
  8. Will students have to make up the time that the District is closed?
    This has not been determined at this time. As updates become available, they will be shared with the NASD community.
  9. What is the recommended instructional schedule I should follow at home
    with my child? Schools are currently developing suggested schedules to keep our scholars engaged in continuous learning at home These schools will also include recommendations for activities to maintain social-emotional wellness and participate in regular physical activity.
  10. What are the recommended online resources that I can use at home with
    my child? Please refer to the NASD website for recommended online resources. Check regularly as these pages will be continuously updated.
  11. What if I do not have internet capability at home?
    In addition to suggested online resources, the district curriculum team is preparing to have paper packets available for instructional practice. These will be available at the district’s 11 sites for the feeding program and may be distributed from school locations. Please check the NASD website and Facebook page for more information.
  12. Will prom and high school graduations still go forward as planned?
    As a result of the rapidly evolving guidance regarding large gatherings, NASD proms have been cancelled. Graduation is currently still on the district schedule. We will continue to follow recommendations and guidance for our governor and healthcare professionals and updates parents and students of any changes.