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Online Learning Pathway

All grade levels: Scheduled days for live/interactive instruction (synchronous) and independent learning (asynchronous) per week. (School Calendar: 180 days)
School Calendar 180 days (Sept 9, 2020 – June 8, 2021)
Daily Instructional Minutes 240 minutes (K-5); 360 minutes (6-12)
Canvas is our primary learning management system, and our teachers will use this tool to provide students
with their weekly assignments.
Each week, teachers will post assignments for core lessons for the week. New material will be loaded and
posted at the beginning of each week.
Synchronous Online Mode (live interaction): Students will be provided daily and/or weekly schedule.
Asynchronous Online Mode: Students will be provided daily assignments and will be required to log-into Canvas to complete learning activities.
Attendance will be measured by authentication and engagement through learning management system (Canvas)

Failure to attend online classes may result in reporting absences to the school attendance officer.
Students who are absent will be marked excused or unexcused based on the guidelines found in the student handbook.
All students within the Natchez-Adams School District will be provided with an electronic device for distance learning to complete assigned work.
Natchez-Adams School District will provide online instruction in Prekindergarten-fifth grade by utilizing Canvas and I-Ready Online Instruction.
The digital platform for sixth- twelfth grades will be a combination of Edgenuity, Canvas, and IReady online instruction.
To ensure equitable access to rigorous, high-quality instruction, Natchez-Adams School District will use the following process for students without internet access
1. Pre-recorded videos (30-45 minutes) loaded onto Chromebook every two weeks
2. Grade-level teachers would record a lesson addressing the grade-level skill/standard for that week.
3. Lessons include The standard, directed instruction, guided practice, hands-on activity, independent assignment, and
possible assessment.
Delivery of Materials:
1. One-day pick up of student materials (Chromebook, workbook pages, materials, etc) every two weeks
2. Return packet every 2 weeks
3. Buses utilized to deliver materials to students without transportation (Assigned staff to assist)
Parental Support:
1. Scheduled phone conferences with parents each week to provide instructional support.
2. Sample schedule for parents/students to follow
Students with Internet Access
1. Instructional Day schedule will be provided to students by teacher
2. Teacher records and uploads a daily instructional video or conducts Google Meet in real-time to provide instruction
3. See Detailed Plan Below