Donning construction paper headpieces and matching vests, West kindergarteners feast on a hefty bowl of Stone Soup

by Rita Brooks
This delightful and fun tale teaches students that when we share what we have with those who have little or nothing, there is indeed enough good food, and other basic necessities, to go around for everyone. It also teaches the act of sharing has the potential to bring us together as a community.
Levi Ross, beaming with pride, showed off his brightly designed headpiece and vest he’d made to wear to the feast. He called special attention to the doodling on the back of his vest.
Madison Mackel readily admitted she could recount all the details of the story including the part about how hungry the 3 travelers were.
Staff members prepared the feast complete with homemade cornbread. Margaret Moore, kindergarten teacher at West, said “the activity was implemented to reinforce the ELA skills the students had been taught while reading the story.”
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