Supervisor of Athletics

Athletics is an integral part of life at NASD. We believe the athletic program is an important element in the overall development and growth of our student athletes. It is our goal for students to build good character and develop important life skills and habits. Through athletics, we want them to learn critical life lessons and skills such as discipline, cooperation, teamwork, dedication, morality and proper work ethics. We strive to provide a strong program for our students to maximize their God given abilities in a competitive setting while preparing them to play at the next level. Their growth will be fostered by coaches who believe, follow, and model life-long values such as fair play, individual effort, integrity, perseverance, accountability and commitment. These values are more than emphasized; they are expected by every coach and student athlete in the NASD athletic program.

Thank you to the great families and fans who show so much love and support for NASD athletics and for giving so much of their time to make our program successful. Go Bulldogs!



Beatrice Collins, Supervisor of Athletics


Beatrice Collins
Supervisor of Athletics

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Coach Alphaka Moore,
Interim Athletics Director
Girls' Basketball Coach