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Online Registration

Online registration for the 2020-21 school year is now open. To complete your online registration, you must log into your Active Parent Account.  If you do not have an account, you will need to create one to complete registration requirements. If you have forgotten your account information, please contact your child's school for that information. Student registration will close on August 5, 2020.  We strongly encourage parents to register their students before August 5.  Registration after that time will be by appointment only and will delay the student's return to school.

Required Documents 

Parents/guardians are required by the state auditor's office to provide two proofs of residency verification annually for a child to enroll in The Natchez-Adams School District legally.  Proofs of residency must be current and must have the same address as the one listed on the registration document.  Parents/guardians must provide The Natchez-Adams School District with a minimum of one document from each group as verification of address.


Group 1

  • Driver's License
  • State Issued Identification Card
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Property Deed
  • Apartment or Home Lease
  • Filed Property or Warranty Deed
  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application
  • Vehicle Registration for the Current Year


Group 2

Utility Bill

  • Electric Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Cable Bill


District Administration may approve other documentation that will objectively verify residency ONLY in circumstances that building level administrators deem extenuating circumstances. (i.e., government mailing-social security, MS Medicaid, etc.)


All pre-k, kindergarten and new students enrolling in The Natchez-Adams School District for the 2020-21 school year must provide hard copies of proofs of residency to the school office during registration.  Only returning students will be allowed to upload residency verification documents electronically.

In addition to proof of residency verification, the following documents are required for students to complete registration and enroll in The Natchez-Adams School District:

  • MS Form 121 immunization record for new kindergarten students and new transfer students
  • Updated immunization form required for all students entering 7th Grade:
  • The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) requires the Tdap vaccination for all students entering 7th
  • Students entering 7th Grade will not be allowed to attend school without providing an updated immunization record, referred to as a Form 121 Immunization document showing all required immunizations, including the Tdap vaccination.
  • Parents must provide an updated immunization record if their child is entering 7th Grade.
  • Parents of Kindergarten and New Students must provide a Certified Birth Certificate.


Who May Attend The Natchez-Adams School District

  • Emancipated minor children who reside within the boundaries of Natchez-Adams County
  • Minor children who reside with one or both natural parents within the boundaries of Natchez-Adams County
  • Minor children who reside with a court-appointed legal guardian within the boundaries of Natchez-Adams County, except those who reside with a legal guardian whose guardianship was established to establish residency for school district attendance purposes.
  • Minor children who reside with a guardian or someone who acts or functions as a parent or guardian, whether or not the same be a natural parent or legal guardian within the boundaries of Natchez-Adams County. However, such minor children may not establish such an arrangement for the purpose of school district attendance.
  • Minor children who reside outside the boundaries of Natchez-Adams County, whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are employees of The Natchez-Adams School District and whose parent(s) or legal guardian have chosen to enroll the minor child or children to The Natchez-Adams School District.


Age Requirements for Natchez-Adams School District Students

The school district complies with age requirements for entry into kindergarten and grade 1 as follows:

A child must have attained his/her fifth birthday on or before September 1 of the current year.

Grade 1:
A child must have attained his/her sixth birthday on or before September 1 of the current year.

Any child who transfers from an out-of-state school whose state law provides for an enrollment date after September 1 may be enrolled if specific provisions of Mississippi Code Section 37-15-9 are met.

Special Education, Developmentally Delayed Classes:
Students who are ruled eligible for Special Education Developmentally Delayed classes may be enrolled if they have attained their third birthday on or before December 1 of the current year.

Maximum age of attendance:
Individuals 21 years of age or older must have written permission of the board for attendance.

As a part of the registration process, you will need to complete the following documents.
  1. Home Language Survey: The purpose of the Home Language Survey (HLS) is to identify students who may not be proficient in English and who may need additional instructional support.
  2. Migrant Survey: The purpose of this survey is to determine children of migratory agricultural works and moved within the preceding 36 months in order to seek or obtain qualifying work. The goal is to ensure the children of migrant workers receive access to a free, appropriate public education.
  3. Student Health History: The school district uses various forms to track important health information about students in the district. This form provides information to the school nurse, dietician, and physical education department that is critical to the safety, health, and wellness of all students and staff. Information about your child's health will be 
For your convenience, the forms below can be downloaded and printed. These documents must be completed and turned in to the school before the student is registered.