Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Statement:

The Natchez-Adams School District’s Curriculum Department prides itself in functioning as a unit that oversees instruction and delivery of content knowledge effectively and efficiently to our students. The Curriculum Department aims to carve a program of education, including the knowledge and skills to be gained at each grade-level (intent); for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation) and for evaluating what knowledge and skills learners have gained against expectations (impact/achievement).” Our goals are to equip teachers to be data driven, which drives and impacts instruction.  

Curriculum and Instruction will:
  • Collaboratively plan with teachers, administrators and stakeholders to formulate a consensus about the knowledge and skills that learners need.
  • Engage, assist and support teachers, administrators, and other staff in understanding data to drive instruction. 
  • Provide strategies and best practices to impart standards that reach attainable outcomes and provide resources for preparation of instruction that will clearly define learning outcomes.
  • Create and provide assessments that are clear, measurable and valid so that staff know what learners need to know and be able to perform to reach those endpoints.
  • Provide Staff Development for individual schools, teachers, or designated groups as needed.
  • Ensure there is a well-defined method to measure the effectiveness of your endpoint delivery.
  • Sequence and demonstrate how new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught and how it clearly defines endpoints.
  • Align curriculum and instruction, lesson planning, and assessments to reflect across all course content organizational standards.
• Build relationships with teachers, observe teacher delivery of instruction, and provide positive feedback that strengthens instruction.