NASD elementary students receive free books courtesy of Dr. Renee' Wall and friends

NASD Board member and Superintendent Give Students a BookNASD Board member and Superintendent Give Students a Book
by Rita Brooks
Roughly 1,000 Natchez-Adams School District elementary students will be reading brand-new books courtesy of Dr. Renee' Wall and Friends. Every student was excited from the kindergartners to the 3rd graders when they received their books. The books, a part of a push to improve literacy for district students, are donated by Dr. Renee' Wall and Friends and Superintendent Fred T. Butcher.
Books were delivered to all three elementary schools. Each class, from Pre-k to 3rd grade lined up to select a book of their choice. One first-grader had a simple criterion for her selection. She wanted a book about princesses. She grabbed a book entitled “The Princess and the Pea.” A fellow first-grader used a similar method to choose his book. His selection was a book about Dinosaurs.
The project was organized when Dr. Wall saw a need to help enhance the reading skills of District students. “Research has proven the importance of reading to help build literacy,” said Dr. Wall, “By fostering that love of books, I hope we are setting each of our students up for good things in life.”
“Basically, reading is super important,” Mr. Butcher told students. “It is crucial and vital to nearly any profession. When you read, everything else in school comes more easily. The results of good reading habits carry throughout your adult life.”
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