Natchez-Adams School District welcomes more than 35 new teachers and classroom staff

The reception, the brainchild of School Board Secretary Thelma Newsome, was the end of a long day that began early Wednesday morning for the district’s 37 new teachers and classroom staff.

 “This reception is an opportunity to welcome you and help you get to know the district,” said Natchez Adams School District Public Relations Coordinator Tony Fields.

The new teachers gathered Wednesday evening included Monquez Ford, a new string teacher at Robert Lewis Magnet School, Morgantown Middle School and Natchez High School. For him, it’s an opportunity to have his own classroom for the first time. “I graduated from Jackson State University in 2018,” Ford said. “Natchez is one of the few districts in the state that offers a string program.”

Another new teacher, Tiffany Wright, said she is excited to be teaching art at Robert Lewis Magnet School and Morgantown Middle School. She said she is already making plans for her classes. “I look forward to doing some new things with my art students,” said Wright.

Cartrell Smith a native of Natchez, said he’s excited for the opportunity to join the staff at Frazier Elementary School.

“We are glad you made the choice to teach in the Natchez-Adams School District,” said Fred T. Butcher, Superintendent. “You have an opportunity to be a part of a district that is moving up each year.”

The reception was hosted by the Curriculum Department, Director Alice Morrison; School Improvement Coordinator Delilah Mitchell; Academic Coaches Linda Logan, Katie Wesley, and Jacqueline Murray.

View pictures from the reception here:

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