1st grade teacher Ariel Evans finds new ways to raise money for classroom supplies

Evans has figured out that her students’ studies improve when they are given multiple options regarding their classroom seating arrangements. Flexible seating incorporates using pillows, padded floor mats, wobble cushions, comfy wing back chairs, beanbags, an antique desk and more.

“They’re much more attentive and engaged,” says Evans, adding that students’ feel more autonomy in the classroom since flexible seating arrangements popped up in the classroom.

Evans began incorporating flexible seating with donations from Donors Choose, St. Andrews Thrift Store, 84 Flea Lagniappe, and family and friends. After implementing flexible seating, Evans said she noticed students showing a new-found willingness to participate in class each day. Through Donors Choose, over $1,700 worth of merchandise has been donated to her classroom.

Evans along with other District teachers are part of the “Clear the List” Movement, a national push where teachers post their classroom wish lists on Amazon. The movement was started by Courtney Jones, educator, and activist. Jones says teachers are hungry for resources, to help teach their students.

After making a wish list of items she wanted for her classroom she was excited to learn her list had been cleared by Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper.  “Next thing I know, my list is cleared,” Evans said. “It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what just happened? Are you sure?’

To join the movement, you can search #clearthelist on Twitter or Facebook to donate to the teacher or school of your choice.

Evans posted a Book Exchange to her personal Facebook friends. She asked them to choose a number 1-14, each number was assigned to a different student in the class. Evans’ Facebook friends sent a book specific to the student they selected. 3 book exchanges were done last year.

“Our district is doing a good job, they’re helping a lot of teachers. But still, if we want it we have to take advantage of the opportunities out there,” said Evans.


Chip Gaines Donation

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