NASD and Headstart collaborate to promote better readers

Student Reading Headstart Student Reading Headstart Student Reading Headstart


Jesse Dorsey, Site Supervisor for Headstart invited students from the district to read to preschoolers in observance of Head Start Awareness Week, October 1-October 4. Those participating were Katelyn Mercer, Chase Williams, Robert Irving Jr., Josiah Simmons, Alex Davis, Jackson Davis, Serenity Patten, Kaleb Logan, Khloe Mims, Mason Daniels, and Damara August.

When Serenity Patten finished reading her book “The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs”, she received numerous compliments on her reading skills. Her ability to read with expression and enthusiasm held the attention of students in Headstart Class L from beginning to end. Not to mention, she was quite funny. Damara August chose to read “Mushrooms in the Rain” to 3-4-year-old students in Bridgette Rollins and Charmaine King’s class. Damara's passion for reading shown through as she read to her students. Katelyn Mercer impressed the class with her reading skills as she read with clarity “How to Dress a Dragon.” From start to finish Mercer displayed her self-confidence in her reading ability.  

 “Reading to and with children is a critical key to a child’s success in school,” said Alice Morrison, director of  Curriculum for NASD. “We want to highlight the importance of students being grade-level readers by 3rd grade and to encourage caregivers to be actively involved in developing their children’s reading skills.”

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