District high school students help save lives through campus blood drives

Jadarius Mazique, a junior at Natchez High School, said he sees the value in donating blood. “This blood will help save someone’s life,” Mazique said. “I wanted to donate last year but did not qualify,” Mazique says he plans to continue to donate in the future to earn an Awemakers cord for his graduation. “This is my first time giving blood, and because I’m not afraid of needles, I think I did pretty well.”

Natchez High School Librarian Ginger Cowart said she donates blood as often as she can because she understands how important it is.

“It has been a challenge particularly today with students in testing this morning,” said a technician from Vitalant Blood Services. Vitalant, which was formerly Blood Services, is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “Our goal is to draw 40 pints of blood during the drive.” 6 technicians were on hand to screen, interview, and collect the blood. Students 16 years old were required to have a Minor Donor Permit signed by their parent or guardian.

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