Students at Frazier Elementary School come together to donate to local CASA

     CASA, a nonprofit organization that trains and assist volunteers to serve and mentor children who are victims of neglect and abuse, received a little help from some friends.

     Fifth graders Kendra McDonald, Kaydyn Willis, and Kennedy Jackson spearheaded a fundraising effort to help those less fortunate with the guidance and support of their sponsors, 5th-grade teacher Sharron Cothern and assistant principal DeAndra Steele.

      “Members of the Frazier Beta Club organized a fundraiser for Valentine’s Day, said member Kendra McDonald. “50% of the proceeds raised were donated to CASA. We chose them because believe all children should feel loved. Hopefully, our donations can help spread the love by getting the things they need.”

     CASA Director Angela James said she was overjoyed when she received the call that the students at Frazier wanted to donate. “In life, there’s a balance. Some people have things and others who don’t have anything. My job is to be a support and a voice for those less fortunate children, no matter what the need might be. CASA is funded through donations from generous, caring people like you.” James said.

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