Natchez-Adams School District Works Toward a Back to School Blueprint

Natchez-Adams School District administrators meet with a group of parents to discuss a blueprint for reopening schools in the fall. This advisory group will continue to meet over the course of the month to refine the district’s back to school plan. We will provide updates from each meeting.
1. Why will state tests be required for students during the 2020-2021 school year in the midst of
dealing with the pandemic?
Based on the guidance provided by the Mississippi Department of Education, the state is mandated
by the federal department of education to conduct state-wide testing this school year.
2. Will the school district conduct screenings and tests for all students?
The district plans to conduct daily temperature screenings at each of the campuses to identify
students with symptoms of a possible illness. At this time, the district will not test students for the
3. When students return to school, what will be the classroom seating arrangement?
We will follow CDC recommendations and place student desks in front-facing straight rows. Group
seating will not be allowed.
4. Child Nutrition. How will meals be served?
We are working with our director of child nutrition to deliver meals to students in the classroom in
order to decrease student movement and student gatherings.
5. Will students be required to wear masks during school?
At this time, based on the information we have, each student will be required to wear face
coverings. We are working on a plan to provide students with designated times to remove their
coverings and to get fresh air.
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