Dr. Irene Amos announced as Assistant Principal at Morgantown Middle School

The Natchez-Adams School District announced that Dr. Irene Amos will be the assistant principal of Morgantown Middle School. Amos has been an assistant principal at Natchez High School for the past 2 years.

 “We are very excited to have Dr. Amos join the team at Morgantown Middle School,” said Tony Fields the school district’s director of public relations. “She has incredible experience and will help drive our District’s vision for the upcoming school year.”

 “I have very high expectations for optimum student learning. The foundation of my educational philosophy focuses on authentic engagement and parent support. Daily, every decision focuses on doing what’s best for children and improving instructional outcomes, so I’m super excited,” said Amos. I am looking forward to making a positive difference in the instructional outcomes for students and teachers.”

Amos received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Ole Miss and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from William Carey College. She also has a Specialist and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in Education Leadership from the University of Southern Mississippi.