Natchez-Adams School District announces its Blueprint for Reopening Schools

We will open school using a Hybrid A/B Schedule. The attached video will provide additional information regarding that schedule.
The District is committed to transparency with our parents and community as we continue to refine our reopening plans. We are working diligently with MDE guidance, joint meetings with parents, staff, community members, medical personnel, and utilizing the data that we have to make plans to open schools in the best possible way. We want to ensure that students are afforded quality instruction in the safest environment possible.
Please view our 3-minute video as it outlines the "Hybrid A/B Schedule" approved by The NASD Board of Trustees for the upcoming school year.
Alternate plans for students with chronic medical conditions will be made available.
We will continue to update our parents, students, and community as plans continue to be refined over the next several weeks.
If you have any questions about the information presented, please e-mail us at
Video Link explaining the Hybrid A/B Schedule:
Zandra McDonald, Deputy Superintendent
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