Science Matters

Amidst a global pandemic, Coach Larry Wesley of Natchez High School has been determined to provide continuous, hands-on instructions to his students, and they have reciprocated his efforts. Project Rice Baby is an innovative class project introduced by Coach Wesley four years ago, and it has proven to be a beneficial learning experience for all students enrolled in his science classes. Students were “parents” of rice babies, having to care for, dress, and maintain full responsibilities as they would with a natural child. Although hesitant at first, the overwhelming majority of the students found that caring for the rice baby taught them lessons they would not have learned otherwise. Always with a concern for the community in mind, Coach Wesley and his students are donating the rice babies, totaling over 33 pounds of rice, to the local Stew Pot. This extended act of kindness is just another way in which Coach Wesley teaches one of his many mantras – Pay It Forward.
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