District 8th graders test virtual reality software for the classroom

Students in Coach Larry Wesley’s class got an opportunity to experiment with CLASS VR, an open platform that supports a virtual reality curriculum. Implemented in approximately 12 Mississippi schools, CLASS VR allows students an opportunity to discover places and things in a unique way. The software comes with over 500 curriculum subjects plus the flexibility for teachers to add their own lesson plans.
Aljavion Williams says, “I was impressed with how realistic the lessons are.” The students took a virtual tour of Stonehedge, a human eyeball, and a human heart.
“Based upon student interactions in class today, it would be my professional opinion that Virtual Reality can greatly, positively impact the educational realm of our students. said Wesley, “Virtual reality affords them the opportunity to raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. Hands-on experiences provide students the opportunities to implement learning from the world around them and create products of their own deciphering and analysis. Although in its infancy stages, Virtual Reality will, undeniably, afford our students the exposure in the scientific realm that they would not otherwise be privy to.”
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