Frazier Elementary holds Annual Kick Off to Celebrate Reading

Students gathered in the library for the annual kickoff for Accelerated reader. “Today is our official AR kickoff,” said Annette Moreland, the librarian at Frazier Elementary School. The Accelerated Reader program is designed to assess a student’s reading ability. After reading a book, students take a quiz that helps gauge their reading comprehension.

 “I’m very excited to get started,” said Moreland. The kickoff started with a video from NFL standout Malcolm Mitchell. In the video he talked about his struggles with reading and why he was determined to become a better reader.

Third grade teacher Linda Jennings and the students participated in a fun game of musical chairs. I’ve been educating for over 30 years and the students are my motivation to keep doing it.”

“You really can’t do anything in life without learning how to read,” Moreland said at closing, “Not only do we want you to learn how to read and to read well, we want you to love to learn how to read.”

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