Home Bank spreads financial literacy to NASD students

Financial Literacy Class


Shareka Hargrave-Benson's 3rd period College and Career Readiness students gained a little more insight on financing this week. “So many of our students focus on making a quick buck for a purpose. For example, earn enough to buy a phone or clothes. My goal is to teach them why it is beneficial to financially plan for the future." said Benson.


This week bankers are offering financial education lessons to students.  Patricia Bonds, Vice President/Retail Business Development Officer with Home Bank, N. A. taught personal finance to students at Morgantown Elementary School and Natchez High School.  This presentation is one of many being made by bankers in an effort to help young people take charge of their personal finances.  Mrs. Bonds emphasized to the students that the choices young adults make with their first credit card will impact their lives years later when they apply for a car loan or even a mortgage loan. 


“The need to teach young adults about credit and other aspects of personal money management has never been greater,” said Mrs. Bonds.  Her presentations focused on currency and coin recognition, obtaining and managing credit, information on a credit report, understanding the importance of a good credit record, budgeting and keeping personal financial information secure.  Mrs. Bonds has been in banking for over 42 years and enjoys providing this community service to raise awareness about the responsible use of credit and to show young adults how they can use credit wisely, right from the start.



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