District elementary math teacher doubles up to instruct 2 classes at different schools simultaneously

Andrea Dinelli, a 15 year veteran in education, teaches fifth-grade math in the District. With students back in the classroom, she teaches math to students at McLaurin and students at Frazier simultaneously.

"Teachers are natural multitaskers," she said, "but simultaneous instruction takes it to a whole new level." During a pandemic school year when nothing in education has been perfect, the kind of double-duty needed for simultaneous instruction is its own kind of lesson."

To make it work Dinelli uses Zoom to connect with students at Frazier and circulates through her classroom at McLaurin to stay in touch with each student as she moves around. Dinelli says that simultaneous is working well so far. The students at Frazier are supervised and supported by paraprofessional Latavia Winding Gaylor.

Growing up in a family of educators, teaching was inevitable. "I have a passion for teaching and am very enthusiastic about the learning process. I aspire to inspire students to reach their full potential. I love to see students discover their strengths through the learning process. It's very rewarding to watch and to know you facilitated that process." Dinelli said.

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