Natchez High School 11th Grader accepted into the MOSIAC Summer Enrichment Program

Cedriona Douglas, an 11th grader at Natchez High School has been chosen to participate in the MOSIAC Summer Enrichment Program at UMMC.  She will attend during the week of June 5-11.  "Cedriona is one of my brightest stars and she is a self-motivated, self-starter.  Any time an opportunity comes across my desk, she is eager to apply." said Iris Myles, Counselor.

The objective of this summer enrichment program is to help change and further build the “mosaic” of Mississippi’s healthcare system. It does this by promoting and propelling access to medical careers in underserved communities throughout rural Mississippi and also by illuminating and energizing the pathways to these careers that individuals from these communities have.

Mosaic is a residential program that exposes students to various careers in health care by immersing them in engaging and educational back-to-back experiences over the course of one week. Students who participate in this program will be exposed to various health careers:



-Health-Related Professions


-Population Health



Hats off to this young lady!!