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Meet the Director

As Director of Fallin Career and Technology Center, I want to increase our course offerings. The staff here is committed to providing high-quality instruction in each of the 6 programs we offer. We want our students to be career-ready upon completion of their particular program.

Across the nation, Career and Technology Education programs have increased their enrollment significantly. Wage earnings have drastically increased for students entering career and technology fields. Secondly, most individuals can become certified in a CTE-related field in less than two years of post-high school training. Lastly, there are endless employment opportunities for students wanting to pursue careers in Nursing, Carpentry, Digital Media, and other CTE-related fields.

We welcome all parents, community leaders, public officials, and concerned taxpayers to visit Fallin Career Center. Come and see the hands-on activities we offer our students. Our goal is to “Educate tomorrow’s workforce: One student at a time”.
Cleveland Moore
Fallin Career &
Technology Center