Public Relations Guidelines

It is in the best interest of the Office of Public Relations to provide equal representation of all campuses, departments and organizations. NASD encourages employees; office administrators, principals, teachers, coaches and organization sponsors, to support ours efforts to provide positive information about the District.
Media Release Guidelines
Press Releases, News Articles, Photos, and/or Event Announcements needing to be sent to news media must be sent through the Office of Public Relations. – The PR Office will submit to the news media.

All NASD campuses, departments and organizations should notify the PR Office of ALL existing or new social media accounts.

The PR Office communicates with media representatives on a regular basis and will determine the best way to pitch your story idea to the media. Some options include, but are not limited to:

   •News Releases: solicit media interest by topic or program

   •Media Advisory: invite media to an event

   •Website: constant updates to our visitors

   •Social Media Outlets: the fastest source of sharing information
Occasionally during the school year there are opportunities to photograph, videotape or interview students in or outside of our schools. It has been the school district's experience that students enjoy being publically recognized for the good things they do and the exposure is very positive. However, we also respect and understand a parent's desire for privacy. If you choose not to have your child photographed or videotaped, please tell your child of your decision so they understand.

Please complete and return a media release form to your child’s school or to the Office of Public Relations.
Guidelines for Submitting News Articles, Events and Photos

Provide facts and details: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Share your opinion: Why is this newsworthy? What makes this awesome? How is this different? – These can be used as quotes for articles.

Gather supporting material, resources, or documents if any. For photos, share names of students, grade level, and information regarding their recognition or awards – based on the photo.

Make sure students have permission to be published and a media release form is on file.

Contact the PR Office with questions or ideas-(601) 445-2823.