The Department of Special Services provides educational opportunities for students with disabilities as well as for those students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual abilities.
The Seminars Options Research Alternative (SOAR) program serves students in 2nd to 8th grades who are intellectually gifted. The students are bussed to Natchez Middle School where they engage in activities that enhance their thinking skills, creative abilities, success skills, communication skills, affective (SDL) skills, and information technology (research) skills. In addition, the students must demonstrate the ability to juggle their regular education classes as well as their gifted classes.
To qualify for the SOAR program, students must achieve a score of at least 120 on an IQ test. Students may be referred to the Local Survey Committee that is comprised of the gifted teachers by teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, parents, and peers. A gifted screener is administered and if the students make the required cutoff score (80%), written prior notice is sent home to parents so that an IQ test can be administered. For more information about SOAR, contact your child's home school, Natchez Middle School, or call (601) 445-2995.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Natchez Adams SOAR Program is to provide a differentiated learning environment that develops each student's potential and enhances intellectual ability, creativity, decision-making.
NASD SOAR Department
Lana Brown, Lead Instructor
Gabrielle Green, Instructor
Terinney Williams, Instructor
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